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HJP DIGITAL Sound & Video 

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Band in a box 2023

Band in a box on vahvempi kuin koskaan. Real Band mukana Band in a box paketissa.uusi BAND IN A BOX 2023 on nyt täällä. Tutustu ja katso demot. Uudet ominaisuudet. Valitse sinulle sopivin versio tästä.

Mullistava tuotepaketti musiikintekijälle. Ammattitasoinen musiikintuotantoväline edullisesti.
Band In A Box 2023 on nyt täällä!


Band-in-a-Box® Pro:
Band-in-a-Box® and RealBand 2023, Pro RealCombos: Over 600 RealTracks & RealDrums in 230+
Bands, 54 MIDI SuperTracks, Over 400 MIDI Styles, Over 100 MIDI Soloists, Over 60 MIDI
Melodists, 22 Artist Performances, and Over 1,000 Loops. Plus the FREE BONUS PAK!
First-time purchase: BBP-I 149,- Upg. from 2022: BUPR-I  89,-
Upg. from 2021 or earlier: BUPS-I 99,-

Band-in-a-Box® MegaPAK:
Band-in-a-Box® 2023, over 800 RealTracks in 350+ Bands, 74 MIDISuperTracks, over 2,000 MIDI
Styles, over 300 MIDI Soloists, over 200 MIDI Melodists, 63 Artist Performances, and over 1,000
Loops. Plus the FREE BONUS PAK!
First-time purchase: BBM-I 299,- Upg. from 2022: BUMR-I 169,-
Upg. from 2021 or earlier: BUMS-I 189,-

Band-in-a-Box® UltraPAK:
Band-in-a-Box® and RealBand 2023, Over 3,300 RealTracks, Over 200 MIDI SuperTracks, Over
2,000 MIDI Styles, Over 300 MIDI Soloists, Over 200 MIDI Melodists, Over 160 Artist
Performances, and Over 1,000 Loops. Includes the 49-PAK!
First-time purchase: BBU-I 469,- Upg. from 2022: BUUR-I 279,-
Upg. from 2021 or earlier: BUUS-I 299,-

Band-in-a-Box® UltraPAK+: (not available for download)
Band-in-a-Box® and RealBand 2023, Over 3,300 RealTracks, Over 200 MIDI SuperTracks, Over
2,000 MIDI Styles, Over 300 MIDI Soloists, Over 200 MIDI Melodists, Over 160 Artist
Performances, Over 1,000 Loops, The MIDI Songs & Lessons PAK, and The Video Tutorial PAK.
Includes the 49-PAK!
First-time purchase: BBUP-Q 599,- Upg. from 2022: BUUPR-Q 399,-
Upg. from 2021 or earlier: BUUPS-Q 499,-

Band-in-a-Box® Audiophile Edition 2023: (not available for download)
Same as the UltraPAK+, PLUS the Uncompressed WAV files for the RealTracks.
Includes the 49-PAK!
First-time purchase: BBA-Q 699,- Upg. from earlier: BUAR-Q 499,-

Upg. from 2022 or earlier: BUAS-Q 499,-
Audiophile to Audiophile Upg.: BUAX-Q 499,-


The FREE BONUS PAK is included in all Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Windows

Pro and MegaPAK packages ordered during our Special! It is also included in the 2023 49-PAK that

comes with all 2023 UltraPAK, UltraPAK+, and Audiophile Edition packages.

2023 Free Bonus PAK
Summary: 70 New RealStyles with our RealCombos Booster PAK, as well as Instrumental Studies 16: Fusion Guitar Soloing,
MIDI SuperTracks Set 34: Blues Piano and Organ, Look Ma! More MIDI 7, Artist Performance Set 11: Songs with Vocals
Volume 1, RealDrums Stems Set 1, and over 300 playable RealTracks (sfz sforznado files).
RealCombos Booster PAK
This PAK expands the collection of RealTracks included in the Band-in-a-Box® 2022 Pro and MegaPAK packages
with a whopping 110 RealTracks! And, to put all of these RealTracks to use, we've created 38 brand new
RealStyles that include every single RealTrack that we've added. These include a visceral piano pop ballad, gentle
indie folk pop, '70s soul with horns, a ukulele folk jig, quarter-comp fast jazz, multiple jazz waltzes, 6/8 jazz,
cowboy country swing with brushes, several classic country styles, and much more! Since these 38 new RealStyles
are compatible with EVERY Band-in-a-Box® 2022 package, UltraPAK, UltraPAK+, and Audiophile customers can use
them too!
RealDrums Stems Set 1
Band-in-a-Box® 2022 for Windows has introduced a new feature "RealDrums Stems," and this set of audio files
gives you some great Country and Americana RealDrums stems to utilize this feature! The "RealDrums Stems"
feature allows you to select a RealDrum that has this feature enabled, and then when you generated it, it ALSO
generates the SAME drum part, but putting each of the microphones used to record the session on its own track!
So, rather than just a stereo mix of the drums, you're ALSO getting, for example, the mics on both sides of the kick
drum, the hi-hat mic, the room mics, etc. etc. This allows you to mix the drums yourself, so you can get your own
distinct sound for the drum kit! This first RealDrums Stems set contains some of our most popular Country and
Americana RealDrums. The Americana RealDrums in this collection feature 10 different grooves, and use both
brushes and sticks. Because the intention for these RealDrums was to get a really rootsy feel, it was recorded with
only 7 mics, and so there are 7 stems for each of these RealDrums styles. This set ALSO includes our very popular
"Nashville Radio" RealDrums, with 7 slick radio-ready grooves! Since the intention with these was a much more
full, "produced" sound, there were more mics used in this session, so there are 10 stems available with each
Instrumental Studies 16: Fusion Guitar Soloing
Instrumental Studies Set 16 gives you 6 smooth fusion guitar workouts! With these studies you can listen and play
along with a master jazz soloist, viewing the notes in notation and TAB, with all the bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs
and more, notated precisely, and you can also view the notes in the on-screen guitar fretboard. There are three
different grooves, with two studies in each.
Look Ma! More MIDI 7
We're back, MIDI users! And this time we've prepared a diverse collection of Pro-compatible MIDI styles that span
many genres, from country gospel swing to modern jazz waltz. So, what's in between? Here's what you have to
look forward to: millennium pop rock, hootenanny bluegrass, last-call slow shuffle blues, slow bossa with vibes,
light Latin dance music, and many more great sounds! There are a total of 15 all-MIDI styles to shape into your
very own arrangements with MIDI Styles Set 84: Look Ma! More MIDI 7!


MIDI SuperTracks Set 34: Blues Piano and Organ
This collection provides an eclectic collection of blues keyboard MIDI SuperTracks, including 5 organ styles and 4
piano styles. The organ tracks are all straight-ahead blues with options for soloing as well as left-hand chording,
and these left-hand/right-hand tracks are meant to work together to get a full sound over the full range of the
instrument. And On the piano we have New Orleans infused soul piano, plus even more blues with jump blues as
well as the Latin flavor in the rumba blues style. This set also includes Band-in-a-Box® styles that use the MIDI
SuperTracks in the context of a full band, by pairing them with RealTracks and RealDrums, but also by pairing
them with other MIDI tracks for new ALL-MIDI styles
Artist Performance Set 11: Songs with Vocals Volume 1
For the first time ever, we have original songs and vocal performances to go along with our Band-in-a-Box®
demos! "Songs With Vocals Volume 1" provides 26 Band-in-a-Box® MGU (song) files, each with vocal
performances on the melody track, many with additional harmony vocals as well! These are great to practice your
mixing skills, try your hand at "remixing" with different Band-in-a-Box® styles, RealTracks & RealDrums, or just for
listening and enjoying! Some of the highlights of this volume include the Americana ballad "Texas On My Mind,"
the alternative pop "He's Hangin' On," the smooth reggae "Good Love Is Hard To Find," and the Hip-Hop duet
"Hang On!" With new features added in Band-in-a-Box® 2022 for Windows, these songs are also accessible right in
the StylePicker by pressing the "load style demo button!"

 Band-in-a-Box® and RealBand 2023 for Windows are here!

  • Band-in-a-Box® 2023 has 70+ new features and enhancements...

    •  "All Tracks are Equal:" All 24 tracks have the same capabilities, including styles generation, and audio editing.
    •  There are Playable RealTracks to customize the RealTracks performances by adding your own notes, using sounds from the RealTracks recording..
    •  There's a new MultiRiff feature to interactively arrange sections of RealTracks, as you build up the track by choosing from multiple versions.
    •  You can now enter MicroChords with up to 4 chords per beat (previous limit was 1).
    • 222 more RealTracks (Sets 376-400) available with great new Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Country, Americana, and World styles. Plus, there's 60 additional RealTracks in the 2022 49-PAK.
    •  With the new Motifs, you can enter rhythmic patterns for the style instruments to follow.
    •  We’ve added node-based Volume Automation, allowing fine volume control of any track, for fades, mutes, and other volume changes.
    •  Now over 50 of the RealDrums haveAudio Drum Stems, which are recordings of all the microphones used (typically 7-15 microphones). This allows producers to mix the drums as they like.
    •  We've added a Track Settings and Action Window for one stop-shop access to edit track functions from a single window, a new One-Click Install Manager, and much more!
    •  Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Windows also includes version 2023 of RealBand and the Band-in-a-Box® DAW Plugin.
    •  Learn about all the great new features and enhancements in Band-in-a-Box® here!





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